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We're consistent in terms of outfitting quality services, with accurate results, and on time when it's needed the most.

Delivering on Time

Our TAT is impressive because our main objective is to provide on-time authentic results with maximum client satisfaction.

Customer Value

ITGS Group consistently works on improving its services, and we do that by collecting continuous Customer feedback.


With the fast-growing needs of digitalization, ITGS has transformed into a complete digital firm. ITGS now provides all its services through online secure portals. This digitalization has helped clients to save their time, automate the hiring and screening processes. From Job candidates to permanent employees, all get online access to portals to follow the paperless process.



At ITGS, human input is minimized by using technology applications. This provides a Self-Service Portal dedicated to automating IT service requests, offering a versatile interface without the usual lengthy list of prerequisites.



ITGS provides its services to its clients by introducing something new or improved with the passage of time so that the clients will be more satisfied with our services.



At ITGS, any information or data regarding accounts, passwords, personal identification numbers, and other sensitive information or Confidential Information shared by the client or third-party is secured.



At ITGS, we can achieve the results by putting the resources we have in the best way possible by optimizing all processes.


Our focus is protecting your business reputation and avoid any harm or legal liability by mitigating the risk at its source.

Sincerity & Integrity

Our Intent and Actions Represents our Values.

Honesty & Trust

Fundamental Honesty & Trust is the Keystone of our Business.

Safety & Security

We keep rigorous IT Protocols to Secure Data.

Stay Connected

Effective communication with maximum client satisfaction.

Accurate & Fast

Precision with Quality is our Priority

Tech Savvy

We are tech-savvy and look for new challenges

Our Services

Education Verification

Education Verification is extremely important. Employees provide fake education degrees and certificates to employers and this practice is raising.

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Criminal Background Checks

ITGS has been conducting criminal background checks on thousands of applicants. ITGS CBC services help its clients to identify and assess

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Identity Check

ITGS provides ID verification, which is an authentication method that compares a person's claimed identity against data that verifies it.

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Reference Check

Conducting reference and past employment checks is an essential part of the hiring process. Employers must check references

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Motor Vehicle Records Check

If you’ve a business model that needs your employees to be on road, then Motor Vehicle Records Check is important for you.

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Civil Litigation Checks

Civil background checks may reveal a lot about a person's attitudes, judgements, and habits. If you're employing someone for a financial

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Tenant Screening

ITGS has an exclusive service for Real Estate Industry. Through the Tenant Screening Program, the landowners can conduct detailed

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Social Media Screening

ITGS Social media checks are very useful for your company in the pre-hiring stage. Our check examines a candidate's online presence

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Address Verification Service

ITGS Address verification is the process of ensuring that the candidate's address is correct. It guarantees that the nominee holds

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Employee Due Diligence

Employee Due Diligence / KYE Investigation is required when you are hiring a senior-level executive for your company.

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Credit Checks

ITGS helps you to run the credit check, to examine facts from credit report in order to better understand the financial behaviour.

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Drug Screening

Drug use may indicate certain behaviors that can affect company’s hiring decisions and can adversely affect its work environment leaving a dent on the company’s reputation.

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Our Affiliations

We believe in building community, and our affiliations with these organizations help us to do so.

What our customers say

Pharma Industry

We have been working with ITGS for several years, and are satisfied with the customer service and response times. The teams working are very professional and responsive, understanding our day to day business urgencies. The provided reports are timely with a defined turnaround time.

Background Screening Industry

We have been working with ITGS for several years now and we are very happy with the service provided, they are responsive, easy to contact and clear in their communication. Any queries are answered efficiently, and reports are clear and concise.

Construction Industry

Our collective experience with ITGS has been very good in terms of both results and the support we have received. I love this company and the services they provided.

Automotive Industry

We enjoy a good working relationship with the staff of ITGS and find them to be responsive to our inquiries and needs. I would like to recommend ITGS to any organization who are in need of making their organization risk-free.

Information Technology

ITGS is committed towards its services and are what they say they are. ITGS not only met that need but showed the flexibility to meet our demands while instigating time and affordable services.

Textile Industry

We have worked with ITGS for many years. ITGS is a vital part of our business as we often need their expertise and services to identify and assess risks, liabilities and business problems in the target company before finalizing any transaction.

Banking Industry

ITGS has been wonderful to work with from verifying the educational background of an individual to assess the financial holding of a company, it covers all the investigative procedures through its highly skilled professional to make the business of their client risk fee.

Food and Beverage Industry

ITGS is extremely professional organization. The customer service is excellent, and it was a very pleasant experience working with ITGS, as it meets all the requirements of their clients and also do things which the client request at the end of the day. Their team works generously and come back with the result which their clients require.

Our Global Footprint

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