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Due Diligence

Due diligence is a review or examination of a potential investment to confirm facts that could impact an organization's decision to do Mergers & Acquisitions.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud investigation is done by ITGS Group to look for evidence in all dimensions when there is a suspicious claim. Insurance fraud investigations make sure that all the claims are rightful, and someone is not trying to dodge the system.

Corporate Governance Solutions

We make sure that your organization runs well and abide by the rules you’ve created to prosper. We work with owners and stakeholders actively to get insights about their needs and make solutions duly.

Employment Background Check

Employment Background Screenings helps to minimize the risks surrounding a workplace by doing Data & Document verification- acting within ethical boundaries.

Risk Management Services

ITGS Group secures your future by mitigating risks for your business and identifying threats that your business is facing or will face in the future.

Compliance Solutions

Stressing on your company’s compliance policies will help your organization to avoid any dubious element that may in the future occur as a threat to the company.

Human Resource

Manage your headcounts, understand your cooperate responsibility towards your employees to move them around in a cooperative space.

Brand Protection

Save yourself from brand abuse and counterfeit goods, so your brand can remain unique and reap benefits in the proportionality of your efforts.

Company Culture

Our Mission

We believe in validation - making this world a secure place for businesses with great purpose. We provide value to our clients by protecting their brands, managing their people, and mitigating their risk before and while they are serving their purpose.

Our Vision

To prevail the sense of validation, security, and importance of people in organizations around the globe. We think there is room for growth in every business, but they need to be secured to prosper.

Our Value

Our business runs on trust, integrity, and communication. We respect people and make sure that we flourish by endeavoring while staying within ethical boundaries.


Why Choose Us?

Sincerity & Integrity

Positive cashflows don't represent how great you are, your integrity does. ITGS Group tends to stick to its values and deal with clients with complete integrity.

Honesty & Trust

Trust takes years to build, and we work on building that with our clients. Over the years there are many organizations whose trust we’ve built, and working with us also abide you to do so.

Safety & Security

Strict non-disclosure agreements & privacy policies are designed to provide safety and security to our customers. We don’t compromise on it, and this is the most important essence of our service.

Stay Connected

Communication is key- you might have heard that. ITGS communicates with their clients extensively to keep everything in white & black.

Accurate & Fast

The world is going at a fast pace, and every minute after minute matters. We understand that and try to create and implement a compliance strategy fast but with precision.

Tech Savvy

ITGS is tech-savvy – and always up for new technology adaption even if it means updating our established process from upside down.

11 Years Of Experience

We're on the verge of assessing businesses globally since our inception. Analyzing their risks and giving them a strategy to swiftly gain success is what we have done and aiming to do in the future. Our clients are satisfied and watching them as they provide value to society, is the "thing" that keeps us motivated.

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We're consistent in terms of accoutering quality services, with accurate results, and on time when it's needed the most.

Delivering on Time

Our TAT is impressive because our main objective is to provide on-time authentic results with maximum client satisfaction.

Customer Value

ITGS Group consistently works on improving its services, and we do that by collecting continuous feedback.

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Our Affiliations

We believe in building community, and our affiliations with these organizations help us to do so.

  • We have been working with ITGS for several years, and are very satisfied with the customer service and response times. The teams working are very accessible, professional and responsive, understanding our day to day business urgencies. The reports and checks provided are timely with a defined turnaround time.


    Pharma Industry

  • We have been working with ITGS for several years now and we are very happy with the service provided, they are responsive, easy to contact and clear in their communication. Any queries are answered efficiently, and reports are clear and concise.


    Background Screening Industry