ITGS provides Drug Screening services to its local and international clients. Employers must conduct this screening to:

  • Assess potential hires from abusing alcohol and drugs
  • Avoid bad hires who use illegal drugs
  • Identify potential or current employees who have drug issues
  • Provide a safer workplace to other company staff
  • Follow local and international laws and regulations

Drug Screening Workflow

However there some SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure) of doing drug screening, which are accepted globally.

  • You must notify the candidate or employee before conducting a background check through a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA).
  • A state-certified laboratory administers the testing
  • The candidate is aware that drug testing will be part of the new employee screening process.
  • All potential employees are examined in the same way
  • The job has already been offered to the candidate, but it is conditional on passing a drug test
  • A Medical Review Officer (MRO), who is professionally trained to interpret test findings for the maximum accuracy, should review the data.