Tenant Screening

ITGS has an exclusive service for Real Estate Industry. Through the Tenant Screening Program, the landowners can conduct detailed background checks on their potential or current tenants. Conducting KYC and Background checks on tenants has been an important element during this age. It is important to verify the background, reputation, and current standing of your tenants and their activities. They can harm you in many ways. KYC programs unveil if the tenant:


  • Is tenant a criminal or performs any criminal and illegal activities at your premises?
  • Is he/she is terrorist or involved in any terrorist activities?
  • Is he/she involved in any kind of activity which can result in financial and reputation loss?


Tenant Screening Program includes the following checks:

  • Verification of all credentials
  • Background information validation
  • Address Checks
  • Past and Current employers and reference checks
  • Criminal Background Verification and Police checks
  • Reputation Checks
  • Litigation Checks
  • Law Enforcement Checks

Tenant Screening Workflow