Reference Check

Our Reference Check service is part of our recruiting process used by hiring managers / recruiters to get more information about a candidate by contacting his/her previous employers, academic institutes. ITGS Group conducts reference checks so that our clients can avoid costs associated with failed probation periods and poor performance.

Why Reference Checks are necessary?

Verify information the candidate / client has provided.

Offer additional information on a candidate's skills, performance, knowledge, and work history from a source other than the candidate themselves.

Help you assess the candidate's potential for success in the position.

ITGS Group provides one piece of defense if there is a negligent claim.

ITGS Group helps its clients to gain perspective on the applicant from someone who has worked with him or her in the past. This may provide useful information in addition to what was found during the interview process.

Reference Checks uncover information that may let you know if someone was embellishing his or her resume, which can help you to know when to ask for clarification.

It can be a way to get more of an insight into what it may be like to work with such individual or company.

Employment check service

Our employment check service is mostly used by clients to establish stable employment, and cross-check income history. ITGS realizes the sensitivity of the background check reports it generates.ITGS totally discourages the following acts..

Unscrupulous hiring.

Interfering with one's ability to work in the future.

Intrusion of personal space.


Interfering with one's current employment in a delict manner.

Reference Check Workflow