Civil Litigation Checks

Civil litigation searches can be extremely beneficial in making empowered hiring decisions. They provide current information regarding a candidate’s financial situation (whether or not someone is subject to debt or financial constraints), as well as insights into moral and employment character. ITGS Group helps its clients to make empowered decisions about candidates or companies with which they are planning to contract. ITGS Group is aware of the importance of litigation reports which determine the survival of a business and provides litigation check to reveal a company’s on-going lawsuits and solvency status with the help of our expertise and experience in the industry.

Civil Litigation Check may include verification of:

Default payments of products

Real-estate disputes

Eviction notices

Violation of consumer rights

Discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, etc. Failed contracts

Vehicle accidents

Divorce matters.

Child support cases

Cases of Child Custody

Failure to product responsibility

Failed contracts

Civil Litigation Workflow