Employee Due Diligence

Employee Due Diligence / KYE Investigation is required when you are hiring a senior-level executive for your company. It is very important to know who you are hiring, what is his/her background, what is their professional capability and is the candidate perfect for the position you are looking for. A bad hire at a senior position can harm the business financially and can damage its reputation. Therefore, it is an important factor to conduct Due Diligence on potential hires to uncover any potential red flags. ITGS provides these services to its clients. For the last 10 years, ITGS has been safeguarding its clients’ businesses by providing them with inside investigative findings and identifying red flags which could harm its clients’ businesses.

Following are the main sections of our EDD reports:

Verification of all credentials & Documents

Detailed Media Checks, Local and International, General and Adverse, Social Media Screening

Financial Checks, Credit Checks, Bankruptcy & Regulatory Checks

Directorship checks

Criminal Checks

Court Checks – Civil and Criminal Litigation Checks

Criminal Database searches

Address Verification

Reputation Checks – Business Intelligence

  •  Family Background
  •  Source of Wealth
  •  Net worth
  •  Professional Reputation
  •  Government and Political connections
  •  Bribery and Corruption Issues
  •  General market standing

Unscrupulous hiring.

Interfering with one's ability to work in the future.

Intrusion of personal space.


Interfering with one's current employment in a delict manner.

Employee Due Diligence Workflow