The background check is often a final step taken by employers to help ensure a sound decision and protect the employer from a number of potential risks. Background Services are an examination of the conduct of an individual. Comprehensive background checks have a wide range of benefits such as reducing workplace violence, increasing applicant quality, reducing the loss of employees due to dishonesty, and avoiding company losses and negative publicity.

Why is it necessary?

Reputation at Risk

To ensure that employee discrepancies are checked

We ensure that the employee that you are hiring can’t put the company’s reputation at risk. Secure Verification

Secure Verification

To offer a confidential and secure document verification service.

We ensure that the candidate-provided documents are not fake by verifying the documents directly for the issuing authority.

Fastest Turnaround Time

To achieve a distinct competitive advantage

We facilitate private, secure, and fast data and documents verification services that protect your business and safeguards growth with a fast turnaround time.

How ITGS can Help?

ITGS has the expertise to communicate complex things in a clear way. We believe that we should do as we have promised and put the clients first. Our commitment to you will always be to provide you with the correct package with the right information for your needs.

 Client Satisfaction & Prompt Response

Our prime motive is to ensure quick response and to attain client satisfaction.

 Quality Work & Accuracy

We demonstrate quality of work with more accuracy.

 Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions to clients and committed towards are work.



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Education Verification

Education Verification is extremely important. Employees provide fake education degrees and certificates to employers and this practice is raising.

Reference Checks

Conducting reference and past employment checks is an essential part of the hiring process. Employers must check references

Criminal Background Checks

ITGS has been conducting criminal background checks on thousands of applicants. ITGS CBC services help its clients to identify and assess

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

If you’ve a business model that needs your employees to be on road, then MVR is important for you.ITGS have worked with companies

Identity Check

ITGS providesID verification, which is an authentication method that compares a person's claimed identity against data that verifies it.

Civil Litigation Checks

Civil background checks may reveal a lot about a person's attitudes, judgements, and habits.If you're employing someone for a financial

Credit Check

ITGS helps you to run the credit check, to examine facts from credit report in order to better understand the financial behaviour of our subject.

Drug Screening

Drug use may indicate certain behaviors that can affect company’s hiring decisions and can adversely affect its work environment leaving a dent on the company’s reputation.

Tenant Screening

ITGS has an exclusive service for Real Estate Industry. Through the Tenant Screening Program, the landowners can conduct detailed

Social Media Screening

ITGS Social media checks are very useful for your company in the pre-hiring stage. Our check examines a candidate's online presence

Address Verification Service

ITGS Address verification is the process of ensuring that the candidate's address is correct. It guarantees that the nominee holds this citizenship.

Employee Due Diligence

Employee Due Diligence / KYE Investigation is required when you are hiring a senior-level executive for your company.