SCOPE has been designed and developed exclusively for the Banks and Financial Institutions which are involved in sanctioning financial loans to companies and individuals globally. Providing fake documents to secure financial loans has been a global trend and the loan sanctioning bodies can prevent this fraud by using SCOPE services

Through SCOPE clients can create profiles of their customers and upload their loan applications, relevant documents, guarantee documents, and other related IDs. ITGS SCOPE team then initiates the process of verification and assessing potential risks associated with that customer (company or Individual). SCOPE can also be used for those customers applying for credit cards and other financial facilities offered by the client.

How does SCOPE work?

The Client creates a customer profile/case on the SCOPE portal.

Client/customer uploads documents and relevant information

SCOPE team reviews the application and suggests a relevant plan.

Plan 1

It will be for small loan applicants. Amounts can be adjusted by the client. Under the plan, only relevant documents will be verified. It will be for low-risk profiles.

Plan 2

It will be for bigger loan applicants. Amounts can be adjusted by the client. Under the plan, relevant documents will be verified along with some on-ground verification of applicants including their address verifications and their presence at their claimed addresses. This plan will go for mid-level risk profiles.

Plan 3

This will be for high-level risk profiles. Applicants (companies or individuals) applying for loans of higher amounts will be screened at 360 degrees KYC program. It will include verification of documents and data, address verification, their financial stability, and capability to return the loan amounts. The background of applicants will be checked thoroughly along with their reputation in the industry.


Through the SCOPE, clients will also be able to upload requests for recovery options. ITGS also provides recovery services to the banking and financial industry. Those profiles who have defaulted in payments can be categorized under the RECOVER section of SCOPE. SCPOE team then starts the process of recovery which includes:

Locating defaulters
Initiating talks with them
Convincing them to repay their defaulted loan amounts
Completing legal requirements
Paying the amounts to clients’ accounts
Closing the case

Who can use SCOPE

financial loans sanctioning
Financials Institutes