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Secure Your Business from Unlawful Employees

Posted on by Boy working in office

Acquiring fraudulent degrees to get ahead is not a new phenomenon. As long as there is social pressure and competition for jobs and admission to higher education, there will be people who are willing to take such illicit shortcuts.

The sad truth is that there are more people out there with fake degrees and certificates than you might think.

Risk management is integral to prosperity. Not verifying employees’ educational claims (in all likelihood) implies entrusting unqualified, inexperienced, and fraud individuals with your business.

Therefore, almost all successful businesses secure background screening services to ensure detailed background checks and prior document verifications before recruitment.

Not so long ago, a foreign news agency unearthed a vast network offering fraudulent degrees across Pakistan and around the world. The seized evidence exposed several high-profile individuals guilty of acquiring phony documents to get promotions, salary raises, meet the eligibility criteria for recruitment, lure clients, and even secure seats in public offices.

Due to the increased demand for degree holders, the culture of fake degree accumulation is on the rise. Since there’s a lack of awareness regarding the significance of sound employee background checks and a growing deficit of efficient third-party expertise offering reliable risk management assistance. Many employers end up risking the entire business by hiring unlawful employees.

Lastly (and most importantly), it’s indeed a moral responsibility to employ efforts and resources into segregating the frauds and unworthy from the candidates who go through a long haul and make genuine efforts acquiring authentic education and expertise.

Secure your business from unlawful employees, consult ITGS to authenticate your employees’ educational claims.