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How to Conduct Educational verification?

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Education verification is one of the foundations of background screening/ background checks. Conducting an educational verification along with best practices is not an easy task. Before conducting educational verification always remember four key points in your mind:

  1. Know your university
  2. Turn Around Time
  3. Procedure & Policies
  4. Requirement of Documents

Before Conducting educational verification first key point is to know your university, if you are not aware of that university first of all conduct search on a particular university and gather all the related information about background screening verification.

How to Conduct Educational Verification Along with Best Practices?

The second most important part for any verification is Turn Around time, if you want to conduct educational verification you must aware of the TAT of that particular university because it depends on the university and could be changed.

Procedure & Policies

Want to conduct educational background verification? Must understand procedure and policies of university because all universities have different policies of verification it depends on the university how they treat education verification.

Requirement of Documents

For educational verification you must understand the requirement of each university because some universities only require a copy of educational degree some require a copy of the transcript, some require a copy of CNIC (Computerized National Id Card) before searching must be aware of the requirement of a particular university.