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“Higher the risk, higher the return” that’s the term you might have heard around you, but it is not the case in every situation. Businesses can’t put themselves at greater risk, just to achieve their goals. There has to be some kind of matrix to achieve the best with lower risk.

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Lower the Risk, Higher the Return

We gather intelligence data related to money laundering, sanctions, and terrorist financing, politically exposed person (PEP), allowing you to keep a close eye on risk you’re being exposed.

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  • Regulatory Insights

    Keeping an eagle eye on regulations, history of regulations, public law, and how to imply them.

  • Risk Assessment

    Risk measurement is important – and should be done if growth is what you intend in the future.

  • Strategic Plans

    Developing a strategy, before actually acting upon it guides you through the consequences of it.

  • Financial Acumen

    Financial understanding is crucial for everyone, from lower to top hierarchy in a business.

ITGS Validate

ITGS Validate is a process to verify that a person is who they claim to be. Background checks provide an opportunity for someone to check a person's criminal record, education, employment history, and other past activities to confirm their validity. There are several different types of background checks used for different situations. The purpose of background checks is to provide helpful information about a person’s history to assess whether they may pose a threat to others or whether they are generally trustworthy or not.

ITGS Diligence provides the full spectrum of background screening solutions – from standard criminal searches to more sophisticated intelligence solutions that validate credentials, monitor ongoing compliance, and analyze social media activity. At ITGS Diligence we take a very personal approach to tailoring solutions to match the risk needs of our clients, no matter how large or small. It’s the certainty of our work, our compliance expertise, and our commitment to excellent service that sets us apart. Here are the following most common types of background checks which ITGS Diligence offers to its clients and customers:

  • Square boxEmployment Background Checks.
  • Square boxEducation Background Checks.
  • Square boxE-Verify Background Checks.
  • Square boxInternational Background Checks.
  • Square boxCredit Background Checks.
  • Square boxCompetencies.
  • Square boxPersonal Background Checks.
  • Square boxProfessional Background Checks, and many others.

ITGS Indagate

ITGS Indagate is the type of reviewing engagement service which is normally performed the investigation to the target business, or companies related to business performance, liabilities, assets, financial statements, and other subject matters. ITGS Indagate allows an acquirer to identify and assess risks, liabilities, and business problems in the target company before finalizing the transaction, potentially avoiding losses and bad press later on.

ITGS Indagate is a comprehensive solution in which the professional team of ITGS Diligence gathers risk intelligence data related to money laundering, sanctions, and terrorist financing, enables detailed monitoring of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) relationships and networks, and a variety of other specific third-party risks so that you can easily make a decision before entering into any dealing with such third-party. At ITGS Diligence, we helped our clients to obtain:

  • Square boxPersonal Identifiers.
  • Square boxPersonal Background.
  • Square boxSource of Wealth.
  • Square boxPersonal & Business Associations.
  • Square boxPotential Risk Factors.
  • Square boxOccupation and Business Background.
  • Square boxCorporate Interests.
  • Square boxVerification of a foreign business partner or client.
  • Square boxPolitical situations in another country.
  • Square boxLocal economic landscape.
  • Square boxPotential risks about local illegal activity and/or corruption.
  • Square boxJurisdiction Risk - Country Report.
  • Square boxRelationship Map.
  • Square boxCompany Directors and Ultimate.
  • Square boxBeneficial Owner(s).
  • Square boxSubsidiaries & Related Entities, and so on.

ITGS Vigilance

If your organization is considering a new investment, monitoring an ongoing partnership, planning a merger, or choosing a new vendor, you’ve likely crossed paths with ITGS Vigilance. ITGS Vigilance is a vital activity and, for many organizations, it’s a cumbersome one. ITGS Vigilance is the process of evaluating the risks involved in a partnership with a potential vendor. It helps organizations avoid or mitigate threats.

ITGS Diligence provides ITGS Vigilance services to its clients and customers which is a combination of ITGS Validate and ITGS Indagate. ITGS Diligence provides pre-partnership investigation, to ongoing and periodic continuous ITGS Vigilance and even post-mortem ITGS Vigilance to its clients and customers. A good ITGS Vigilance process begins by knowing what you’re up against.

  • Square box Risk assessment questionnaires are a set of questions about risks or risk management to particular subjects.
    • Square boxThe professionals of ITGS Diligence may design a questionnaire.
    • Square boxClients and customers can also customize the assessment questionnaire for their purposes.
  • Square boxProvides Dynamic Risk Classification Matrix to clients with a better understanding of the risks their organizations face in today’s complex world of developing technology, emerging markets, climate change, and other mega-trends that interact and shape our future.
  • Square boxQuantification of Risk by categorizing risk as low, medium, high, or any appropriate scale.
  • Square boxDetermine the degree of reliability with Real-Time Risk Profile Monitoring, mitigating the organizational risk.
  • Square boxProvide a Risk Profile Evaluation by assigning numerical values to variables representing different types of threats and the danger they pose.
  • Square boxIdentify and assess factors that could negatively affect the success of a business or project, and help you decide whether or not to move forward with a decision.

The purpose of the ITGS risk management process is to:

  • Square boxEnsure that controls are effective and efficient in both design and operation.
  • Square boxObtain further information to improve risk assessment.
  • Square boxAnalyze and learn lessons from risk events, including near-misses, changes, trends, successes, and failures.
  • Square boxDetect changes in the external and internal context, including changes to risk criteria and to the risks, which may require revision of risk treatments and priorities.

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