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Organizations declare bankruptcy, even when they’re loaded with bucks. Why? To waive off their liabilities. Organizations show that they don’t have enough revenue streams to pay off their debts, while reality might be a little different.

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Litigation support is a wide spectrum of forensic and expert witness services. It consists of investigation engagements related to financial crime investigations, background checks, asset tracking, or eDiscovery. Litigation support is the process of providing consultation and support services concerning current and pending cases. Consultants offering this type of professional service may work independently or be one of several consultants working at a firm providing litigating support services

ITGS has extensive experience in the legal and practical issues associated with the enforcement and collection of assets across jurisdictions and legal regimes. ITGS offers an intelligence-based support service to its clients and customers involved in disputes, providing documentary, testimonial evidence, and counter-party information. ITGS deploys its team of investigators to gather information for legal proceedings.

This will include

We do thorough research on what is going on the ground, by working along with our specialists in this space.
We have sources, everywhere and anywhere. They make sure that the declared bankruptcy or any other points to get off liabilities are true.
We believe in data. We look with a suspicious eye and examine the books of credits and debits digitally along with our expert accountants.
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Once in a Lifetime

Can you only be broke once?

Based on when you reported as well as the type of bankruptcy, you can declare bankruptcy multiple times.

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1 million people

Chapter 7 or 13?

Over a million people file bankruptcy every year, either under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

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