Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud investigation comes into action when there are suspicious claims or increased claims about insured assets.

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Why is it necessary?

An insurance fraud investigation is a type of fraud investigation that centers around attempts to benefit from deceitful claims. Seeking compensation for false or inflated claims is illegal, dangerous, and raises the price of insurance for everyone. Insurance fraud is a serious crime that can result in serious consequences for fraudsters who may find their future job prospects impacted, find it harder to obtain insurance and other vital financial services, obtain a criminal conviction and even face the prospect of imprisonment.

ITGS investigations cover the full range of insurance fraud cases, and can also help you determine when claims are exaggerated, misleading, malingering, or outright false. ITGS helps its clients and customers to mitigate risk by providing insurance professionals with a complete toolbox of trusted solutions for prevention, detection, and investigation. As the need to investigate more effectively and efficiently grows, ITGS provides immediate insights to pull the fill story together quickly and efficiently.

Insurance fraud investigation includes the following:

We perform your insurance fraud investigation legally and deliver results which you can display in front of the court.
ITGS group focuses on these questions, how, When? Who? What? Where? What if?
Planning is the key, We follow the rule set by regulators like CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission) or MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), and plan who can we interview, when we can, and where we can.
We ask questions, the tricky ones. Cross-check each detail they’ve told you, and make those crucial points come around in conversation in different ways.
Relevant, authentic, concrete, and precise evidence is required. We always keep concrete evidence secure when dealing with it. Never make notes on original documents. We maintain a clean copy of papers in your folders at all times.
We make a detailed report based on all your findings, avoid your personal opinions and use as many pieces of evidence you can, and keep them as original as they are.
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$80 Billion

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimate

That's the average amount every US citizen loses because of insurance fraud.

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$40 Billion

Federal Board of Investigation

According to the FBI, that is the amount every year is lost due to non-medical insurance fraud.

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