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Background checks are important, pre-hiring to mitigate the risk organization might face in case of faulty hiring. We must know who we are letting in our organization because in the end, it's the attitude of our employees that make our business successful not strategies.

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Trust but Verify

Employers may use a background check to learn about a person’s criminal history, verify education and employment history, and other past activities. There are many kinds of background checks, from background checks for employment to background checks for purchasing firearms, and fingerprint checks.

Why is it necessary? Your employees are the representatives of your company and you can’t put your company’s reputation at risk so you’ve to check for discrepancies- it’s not that you can't hire someone with a criminal background you can do that simply just in goodwill or to portray it as you’re giving the society’s laid off a second chance, it’s perfectly fine but knowing what you’re getting into and tackling it accordingly is still a priority.

ITGS Group facilitates private, secure, and fast data and documents verification services that protect your business and safeguards growth. We have the fastest Turnaround Time (TAT), which gives us a unique competitive edge. We ensure that the candidate-provided documents are not fake by getting the document verified directly for the issuing authority.

These are the types of Background Checks we provide

Education creates the ability to think. A background check on the applicant's education reveals whether or not they have gone to the school they claimed to have attended. It also includes proof of degrees and attendance dates.
We do Social Media checks of employees to build their personas, believe it or not, your social media profile tells a lot about you.
Reference checks also take place in it, verification of work dates and job titles, as well as dates of college enrollment and degree earned. Speaking with references to get insight into an applicant's skills, credentials, and capabilities to accomplish the job is part of an in-depth reference check.
A criminal background check may include the following record searches: National criminal databases, Sex offender registries, County criminal courts, Domestic and global watch lists, Federal and state criminal records.
Our employment check service is mostly used by mortgage lenders and banks to examine a borrower's employment record, establish stable employment, and cross-check income history.
Employers do Social Media checks of employees to build their personas, believe it or not, your social media profile tells a lot about you.
A professional license check confirms an employee's professional licensing claims. These professional licenses serve as confirmation of an employee's association with a certain organization/Regulatory Authority.
Address verification is the process of ensuring that the candidate's address is correct. It guarantees that the nominee holds this particular citizenship. It also aids in the prevention of fraud, as well as increasing your trust in the employee.
ITGS Group do ID verification, which is an authentication method that compares a person's claimed identity against data that verifies it. Birth certificates, social security cards, driver's licenses, and other documents can all function as sources of this objective reality.
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Importance of Background Check

Around 19 out of every 20 employers use background checks when they hire new staff members.

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Ignorance of Facts

Business fails because of their lack of efforts in hiring process.

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