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Unfortunately, there are evils out there who will try to steal your “brand”, and obviously, you don’t want that. That is why protecting your brand is equally important as creating one. Your business needs to have a brand protection shield.

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Why Protecting Brand is important ?

We don’t buy something for the taste or the quality of it, we buy it for the experience of happiness and sharing they offer. Creating your brand name, its logo is relatively easy than actually building your brand value- it takes time and consistency.

ITGS Group Brand protection helps the true owner to avoid third parties from utilizing its intellectual property without permission, as this can result in revenue loss and, more crucially, brand equity, reputation, and trust degradation.

We don’t consider it as just a one-time service brand monitoring should be held perpetually because there is always a risk of someone negatively putting an impact on your brand even after you protect yourself from trademarks, copyrights, etc. – The reason? Globalization of businesses everyone is everyone’s competitor, hence the greed of getting market share is always out there.

Things we do to make your brand protection shield stronger

A trademark is a symbol that uniquely identifies a product as belonging to a certain company and certifies that company's possession of the brand.
A utility patent, often known as "invention patent," prevents other people or businesses from producing, using, or selling the invention without permission. 
A registered design patent is a type of legal security for a manufactured item's distinct visual attributes.
Copyright is a form of intellectual property that grants its holder an exclusive right to create copies of creative output for a set period.
Brand One

30% Rule

It’s a myth

The similarities between the two works in context are crucial in deciding whether something is sufficiently identical.

Brand Two

IT Admin

Internal Protocol Theft

According to CERT's Insider Threat Division, there isn't a single case in their database that reveals IT administrators stealing data -Although they’re more suspicious.

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