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Recruitment of criminals in organizations

Posted on by Organizational crime

Professional Skills or Morality? What is important for a business to thrive? This question keeps buzzing around every employer hiring someone for the betterment of their business. Skill development is good, but setting up your “Ethics” and “Morality” standards is necessary.

If we look around ourselves, there is no such thing as white or black, there is always a grey area. What is good and bad? it is about the perspective of an individual and depends on the variables building up that perspective. Having said that, there are still some acts that cannot be justified in any case and are declared “Globally Wrong” that’s the word I’ve just created but believe me, that’s the thing. There are certain lines which any person should not cross, and if you do it haunts long enough.

When an employer hires an employee, He/she initially looks at the skills of an individual, then talks to them, and then they’ll give you an offer letter if everything goes well. After he/she accepts the offer letter, then they’ll be given a “Pre-Employment” form which has a clause of “Do you have any criminal record?” The answer is in NO/YES and in every condition, it has to be verified because in the end skills can be taught, but ethics and moral standards are embedded into you.

A criminal background check may include the following record searches:

  1. National criminal databases
  2. Sex offender registries
  3. County criminal courts
  4. Domestic and global watch lists
  5. Federal and state criminal records

But remember I said grey area? People dwelling in that needed to be saved, and there are policies such as “Work Opportunity Tax Credit” and “Fair Hiring Policies” to protect the individuals with a criminal record, to give them a chance to rehabilitate themselves and contribute positively to society. (These policies may differ in countries or states.)

We often hear a term people with worst past creates the best future or something like that, but we in our personal lives hesitates to give them a chance to create better future, they are isolated by the society because we as a human being are a bit of judgmental and we tend to believe that as we fail to change our behaviors there is no one stronger than us out there who can do that.